Low Cost Spay and Neuter

Spaying and neutering are common surgeries that require general anesthesia. Pets are spayed (females) or neutered (males) to remove the reproductive organs and to prevent pregnancy, but also prevent other health issues.

More than 4 million pets are euthanized in U.S. animal shelters each year simply because they have no home. Many are puppies and kittens less than 6 months old. Please help stop this needless loss of life and spay or neuter your pet.

Females have a high incidence of cancers of the reproductive system. Spaying removes the ovaries and the uterus, which prevent the production of estrogen, the hormone that leads to most reproductive cancers. A vast majority of nonspayed females contract a life-threatening infection of the uterus, called pyometra. This infection is caused by problems with progesterone, another female hormone which is eliminated through spaying. Females should be spayed before their first heat, if possible, which generally occurs at six months of age. Spaying before a female goes into her first heat cycle also dramatically reduces the chances of her developing mammary tumors.

Males that are not neutered often exhibit extremely aggressive behaviors, which can be dangerous to them, other animals and people. Many of these habits become hard to break. A male should be neutered between 4 and 6 months of age. Neutering can also help prevent diseases and cancers that occur in the prostate. 

Surgery Fees

  • The surgery fees include: a physical exam, a long lasting pain relief injection, IV fluids during the procedure, and [pain medication to go home (canines only)].  

Dogs: Male

  • <15 pounds: $86.00
  • 16-25 pounds: $96.00
  • 26-39 pounds: $106.00
  • 40-60 pounds: $131.00
  • 60+ pounds: call for a quote

*Prices do NOT include any applicable sales tax

Dogs: Female

  • <15 pounds: $101.00
  • 16-25 pounds: $111.00
  • 26-39 pounds: 141.00
  • 40-60 pounds: $161
  • 60+ pounds: call for a quote

*Prices do NOT include any applicable sales tax


  • Male: $50.00
  • Female: $96.00

*Prices do NOT include any applicable sales tax

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