Dental Care

Does your pet's mouth have a bad smell? An unpleasant odor can be a sign of a serious problem for your pet, such as periodontal disease or an oral and systemic infection. Discuss your pet's problem with your veterinarian and they will conduct an oral examination. If the doctor identifies any signs of dental disease, he or she might recommend preanesthetic testing. It may include blood work to see whether your pet is a good candidate for general anesthesia. It is necessary for your pet to be fully anesthetized in order to have a thorough dental cleaning.

Remember, untreated dental problems in pets can lead to serious medical problems such as heart, kidney, or liver diseases.

Canine Dental Price: $340

Feline Dental Price: $376

All dental cleanings include:

  • A complete physical examination 
  • A pain relief injection before the procedure
  • General anesthesia
  • IV Fluids (canines only)
  • Propoflo Injection (canines only)
  • Full dental prophylaxis & polishing
  • An antibiotic injection
  • A complimentary nail trim

**Does NOT include any blood work, extractions, or any applicable sales tax. 

Dental Radiographs:

Two thirds of our dog's and cat's teeth are under the gingiva (gums) and are not viewable.  Dental radiographs help in the assessment.  They allow assessment of the teeth for fractures or internal disease, the surrounding soft tissues for Periodontal Disease, Stomatitis, CUPS, cysts, draining tracts/fistulas, tumors, and the joints of the bone.  Dental radiographs can reveal subgingival (under the gums) foreign objects, cysts, and tumors.

Studies have shown that without dental radiographs, significant pathology is missed in up to 75% of pets.



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